Staingard Kits

Whether you have a leather or fabric sofa, you want to keep it looking as good as possible. Staingard allows you to use your suite, safe in the knowledge that you can protect your pieces from stains and everyday marks. The fabric kits contain solutions for oil and grease stains, fresh stains, old and resistant stains, as well as a fabric refresher and mild cleaner so you can keep on top of every day marks. The fabric kits also contain all the cloths needed to clean your furniture effectively. The leather kit contains a soft cleaner, as well as a protection cream to create a protective barrier, making it harder to stain, and easier to clean. We also stock an Easy-Care kit, which contains simple to use and high-performance maintenance cream and cleaner clothes to help keep your leather looking new for longer.  For best results, a monthly regime of cleaning is advised. It also recommended on both fabric and leather that a patch test is carried out on a discreet part of your suite to ensure the fabric or leather reacts well to the cleaner.

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