Wardrobe Assembly Service


Fairway Furniture wardrobe assembly services in and around South West England

Choosing your new semi-fitted style bedroom wardrobe is an exciting time and our all-inclusive assembly service helps you make your dream bedroom become reality.

We appreciate that not everyone knows their screwdriver from their spanner, so for a simple one-off payment (see below), our expert team will assemble your wardrobe in your home and leave it ready to use, as well as taking away all packaging when they have finished.

PLEASE NOTE: this service is available on selected semi-fitted wardrobe ranges - ask in store for details of which ranges we can assemble for you with this service

That leaves you free to sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that your new wardrobe has been assembled safely, ready to give years of trouble-free use.

How does our wardrobe assembly service work?

Once you have chosen your new wardrobe (some wardrobes are excluded from this service - ask in store for details), simply ask your sales consultant to add the assembly service to your order.

How much does the service cost?

We like to keep things simple, so our assembly service is priced based on the size of each wardrobe.

Wardrobe width

Assembly charge

Up to 1.10m £75.00
1.10m to 2.10m £125.00
2.10m to 3.10m £175.00
3.10m to 4.10m £225.00
4.10m and above £275.00
Corner wardrobe (in addition to relevant width charge) £50.00
Internal fitments (when ordered with initial assembly) £25.00








How do I arrange delivery and assembly?

When we contact you to confirm we have your wardrobe ready to deliver, we’ll arrange delivery and assembly in one visit. It really is that simple.

How long will the wardrobe assembly take?

This will vary depending on the size of the wardrobe – when we arrange delivery and assembly, we will be able to give you a more definitive guide.



Please read prior to the appointment to assemble your new wardrobe

We want to make sure that your new wardrobe is assembled as quickly, safely and efficiently as possible, so please read the following important information and if you have any queries, contact your sales consultant.

Important things to consider in advance:

  • Decide where you want the wardrobe assembling
  • Remember to allow sufficient space and that you won’t be able to move it once
    assembled - this is essential
  • Check that the floor in the chosen area can take the weight of your wardrobe
  • Confirm the floor in your chosen area is level – you can do this by using a spirit
  • Check the area - both side to side and from front to backIf you are having a corner wardrobe assembled, check that the corner into which it will go is square – not all houses have perfect 90 degree corners
  • Check for any loose floorboards or carpet gripperods in the area, as these can
    affect the assembly and stability of the wardrobe
  • Access - If you live in an area with restricted parking, it is your responsibility to provide a permit or a parking space for the installation team, or to provide payment for a parking meter during the installation period
  • Plug sockets and lights switches - Please consider access to these behind wardrobes. If you have chosen a wardrobe with lights, consider how you will access power

On the day we are coming to assemble your wardrobe:

  • Ensure that you have emptied the room/area where you wish to have the wardrobe assembled
  • Ensure you check that the route from the entrance of your property to the room where the wardrobe is to be assembled is free of obstacles

Our assembly team WILL:

  • Check the chosen positioning and advise on any issues they may identify
  • Complete the assembly as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Connect any integral or accessory lighting in the wardrobe to a suitable
    electrical socket
  • Show you how to safely use your wardrobe, including doors, any drawers
    and fitted accessories
  • Remove all packaging and leave your wardrobe ready to use

Our assembly team WILL NOT:

  • Modify any existing electrical points or installations in your home
  • Drill holes through the sides, doors, top or bottom of the wardrobe for wires or cables to be run
  • Fix any wardrobes to walls – all the wardrobes we assemble are free-standing items.
  • Wall brackets are provided for fitting after the wardrobe has been filled, this is your responsibility.
  • Remove any skirting boards - be sure to check that the wardrobe you are having assembled will fit in the space AFTER having made allowance for the skirting board

Once our assembly team have finished:

  • Confirm that you are happy with the assembly and that you have checked the sliding doors and drawers operate as intended – you will be asked to sign to confirm your satisfaction prior to the team leaving your property
  • Keep the assembly instructions given to you by the assembly team with your original order paperwork
  • Supply you with an information leaflet which will detail the next steps following any movement in the wardrobe once it has been filled, and any subsequent call out fees which may apply to adjust doors or drawers which you have been unsuccessful in remedying yourself


Click here to download our wardrobe assembly service guides and information.