Bedroom mirrors are an essential accessory for your home’s most personal sanctuary. Besides their practical function, they help optimise the light and set the mood of your bedroom. Browse our range of large and small bedroom mirrors to add the perfect finishing touch to your room.

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Coelo 823 Medium Wall Mirror
Birthday Sale £426.00
Ash GreyHarbour GreyIce White
More Colours
Coelo 826 Large Swing Mirror
Birthday Sale £261.00
Ash GreyHarbour GreyIce White
More Colours

Cromwell 818 Large Wall Mirror
Birthday Sale £441.00
Ash GreyHarbour GreyIce White
More Colours

Cromwell 833 Cheval MirrorCromwell 833 Cheval Mirror
Cromwell 833 Cheval Mirror
Delivered flat packed for customer self assembly
Birthday Sale £726.00
Ash GreyHarbour GreyIce White
More Colours
Halley Trinket Mirror
Birthday Sale £194.00
Fired Earth (HAFE)White (HAW)
More Colours

Shadow Trinket MirrorShadow Trinket Mirror
Birthday Sale £194.00
Fired Earth (HAFE) (Stool - Mirror Only)White (HAW) (Stool - Mirror Only)Light Grey (LG) (Stool - Mirror Only)
More Colours

Skylar Trinket MirrorSkylar Trinket Mirror
Birthday Sale £194.00
Dust Grey Gloss (LEDG)Graphite Gloss (LEGR)Light Grey Gloss (LELG)
More Colours
Trua 812 Dressing Table Mirror
Birthday Sale £276.00
Ash GreyHarbour GreyIce White
More Colours

Bedroom Mirrors

Why do you need a bedroom mirror?

Bedroom mirrors are convenient as they are placed in the room where you dress, get ready for the day and then wind down at night. You can apply make-up and check how your clothes look without having to wait for the bathroom to be free. A large bedroom mirror could be the one thing that prevents you from rushing out to work with your top inside out! You can add a bedroom mirror to your dressing table or fit them to a wall to make it easy to quickly check your appearance.

How can bedroom mirrors improve a room?

Fairway Furniture’s selection of high-quality bedroom mirrors add interest to your room and play with the light to set the right mood. More than attractive decorative features, bedroom mirrors can optimise natural light and create the illusion of space. Depending on the position in relation to windows and artificial lighting, they can make the room seem lighter or more intimate. Bedroom mirrors can also cover marks and imperfections on your wall.

How to position bedroom mirrors?

If you want to create more space, place a free-standing mirror like the Cromwell Cheval models in a corner of the bedroom. A large white bedroom mirror such as the Coelo or Cromwell models fitted against a white wall can brighten and open up the space. Alternatively, large bedroom mirrors in colours that contrast the walls create a focal point. Horizontal mirrors complement a wide room, while vertical placement can make small rooms seem bigger. A dressing table mirror can tilt upwards and reflect part of the ceiling creating a feeling of depth and extra space. Even small bedroom mirrors can bounce light to play with colours and add depth, particularly when placed opposite the window.

Find the best mirror for your bedroom with Fairway Furniture

Our bedroom mirrors are made by skilled craftsmen from the finest and most durable materials. From rustic to contemporary, they bring a touch of understated luxury to your room. Many of our solid oak bedroom mirrors offer a variety of colours and finishes. We deliver bedroom mirrors fully assembled and ready to mount.

The best choice of bedroom mirrors in South West England

With so many styles and colours to choose from at Fairway Furniture, you’re sure to find the perfect mirror for your bedroom. You can visit our furniture stores in Devon and Cornwall to check out your reflection in our range of large and small bedroom mirrors. We have stores displaying bedroom mirrors in Plymouth, St Austell, Newton Abbot and Tavistock. Whichever store you visit, you have the benefit of being able to take your new bedroom mirror home with you straight away. Don’t worry if you live outside the South West; we also offer delivery locally and throughout the UK.