Transform your bedroom into a stylish haven with our double headboards. Crafted with quality materials and modern design, a headboard adds the perfect finishing touch of luxury to your bed. Our double headboards come in a variety of styles and colours, so you can find the perfect one to fit your space.

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Bella 4'6 Headboard - Strut
SPRING Sale from £249.00
Mist 0382Welsh Flint 0386Azure 0384
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Cara 4'6 Headboard - Strut
SPRING Sale from £249.00
Mist 0382Welsh Flint 0386Azure 0384
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Deco 4'6 Headboard - Deep
SPRING Sale £399.00
Tundra SandpiperTundra AuroraTundra Cotton Grass
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Deco 4'6 Headboard - Strut
SPRING Sale £329.00
Tundra SandpiperTundra AuroraTundra Cotton Grass
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Gypsy 4'6 Deep Headboard
Usually in stock for quick delivery
SPRING Sale £219.00
Sierra AnthraciteSierra CharcoalSierra Denim
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Iris 4'6 Headboard - Strut
SPRING Sale £249.00
Joshua LatteJoshua AshJoshua Grey
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London 4'6 Deep Headboard
SPRING Sale £229.00
Linoso CharcoalLinoso Duck EggLinoso Midnight
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Lorenna 4'6 Headboard - Strut
SPRING Sale from £379.00
Mist 0382Welsh Flint 0386Azure 0384
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Double Headboards

What size is a double headboard?

A double headboard measures approximately 4feet 6inches (137cm) to match the dimensions of a double mattress. However, the depth of the headboard differs per style, so be sure to refer to the product description of the chosen item.

What are the benefits of a double headboard?

Having a double bed headboard is a great way to add style and comfort to your bedroom, allowing you to personalise the look of your room. It provides the perfect support for your back when sitting up in bed. Not only does it provide a place to lean back against while reading or watching TV, but it also adds an extra layer of protection against the wall.

Adding a headboard stops your pillow from slipping off the bed, providing extra support while sleeping. A double bed headboard is an ideal choice for any homeowner looking to spruce up their bedroom. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also offers a lot of comfort and convenience.

What are the different types of double headboards?

We have a selection of double headboards to choose from. From oak to fabric finishes, we have the perfect range to meet your needs.

Solid Oak headboards

Our Cormwell 819 Double headboard is the perfect headboard to add both a traditional and contemporary finish to your double bed. It’s subtle curves and delicate design evoke an understated French style touch. We have a range of colours to choose from to complement your bedroom furniture.

Strutted headboards

Strutted headboards are also a great option to add a traditional touch to your bed. These headboards have two wooden or metal struts that attach the headboard securely to a bed. Our Gypsy Strutted Headboard offers great value for money, and at the same time, offers comfort and a wonderful choice of colours. It’s continental style not only means that it’s easy to attach to your bed, but it is a great choice to add a luxurious look. Explore our wide range of strutted headboards and update your bedroom quickly and easily.

Floor Standing Headboards

A floor standing headboard is a unit that stands directly on the floor. Unlike the strutted headboards, floor standing headboards need to be screwed onto the bed base. This means that they offer utmost stability and keep the bed structure intact, whilst giving you the best comfort. Make a personalised statement in your bedroom with our Magnolia Floostanding Headboard, available in a choice of fabrics and a variety of colours. It’s simple and classic design is deeply upholstered to the floor for a luxurious finishing touch. That’s not all - we have a wide range of floor standing headboards to choose from, so why not browse now?

We offer high quality double headboards across South West England

If you are overwhelmed by our huge range online, and are unsure on which headboard would be best for your room, come and visit us in store. Browse our high quality double headboards in our stores  TavistockPlymouthSt Austell and Newton Abbot  to find your perfect match. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional products and first-class customer service online and at our local furniture stores. Whether you are after a traditional or contemporary look, our extremely knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you choose a double headboard to suit your needs. If you have found what you are after, we also offer delivery services throughout the UK.