If you’re looking for the best night’s sleep, you need a high-quality mattress. We spend a third of our lives in bed, so do you really want to spend that time struggling to get comfortable or waking up with aches and pains? Fairway Furniture has a wide range of supportive pocket sprung, open coil, latex and memory foam mattresses that will take you from sleepless to serene. Our mattresses come in a range of styles and sizes to suit your preferences and sleeping position.

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How to choose a mattress?

Sleeping well is the key to good health and mattresses are a huge element in our ability to sleep well. The key factors in choosing your mattress are your weight, sleeping position, ailments/disabilities and personal preferences. To choose your comfort grade, you need to consider your build because the lighter the person the softer the mattress, particularly if you are a side sleeper. Heavier builds will need firmer mattresses to support their weight, particularly if they are stomach sleepers. Front sleeping needs more support as it can damage the spine’s natural curve and also lead to neck strain. Back sleepers have more options as this position is better for spinal alignment, but back sleepers weighing over 16 stone (102kg) will need an extra-firm mattress. If you’re a side sleeper like the majority of the UK, you need to cushion vulnerable pressure points with a medium to firm mattress (getting firmer the heavy the build).

Open coil and pocket sprung mattresses

Open coil mattresses are popular due to their combination of affordability, durability and support. They are the most common type of mattress and consist of an interconnected system of springs that help disperse weight evenly. They are often used in orthopaedic mattresses because the firm coils provide support for people suffering from bad backs. An open coil mattress with an inbuilt memory foam topper, such as the Paloma mattress, offers an extra level of cushioning and comfort.

Pocket sprung mattresses

If you want more support than an open coil, opt for a pocket sprung mattress. Small fabric pockets house individual springs that work independently of each other, which aids spinal alignment to a greater degree. If you sleep on your side, pocket springs contour to the body for precision pressure relief around your hips to support you without the entire spring unit needing to compress. Spring counts vary dramatically, but generally higher spring counts can indicate better support. Pocket springs reduce roll and make it easier for one person to move without affecting the other sleeper.

Pocket sprung and memory foam mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine traditional spring mattresses with a memory foam, poly-foam or latex top layer and transition layer. A pocket spring and latex/memory foam mattress offers the best of both worlds, providing the responsiveness and breathability of innersprings with the contouring of foam. The Sherston Latex mattress has 1500 pocket springs and natural latex that instantly responds and adapts to your body’s movements to support you as you sleep.

Climate control mattresses

Climate control mattresses feature breathable layers of cooling foam to prevent the body from overheating and provide a pleasant ambient sleeping temperature. For example, the Dunlopillo Royal Sovereign Plus is an eco-friendly latex climate control mattress with an innovative cooling cover to help regulate body temperature. Hybrid mattresses can also be cooler than standard mattresses. Hybrids, such as the Cloud Lite Serenity 1000, use special technology to give the support and comfort of memory foam but without the heat retention or weight.

The best range of mattresses in South West England

We offer mattress solutions for every type of sleeper in South West England and beyond. Why don’t you come and see our display of mattresses in St Austell, Plymouth, Newton Abbot and Tavistock? You can touch test our pocket sprung, memory foam and climate control mattresses in Devon and Cornwall to see if they suit your needs. Each of our furniture stores in the South West sells mattresses and has car parking, tea/coffee and customer toilets. Alternatively, customers from anywhere in the UK can order a mattress online.