Seating the whole family or a large party around the dining table couldn’t be easier than with a stylish and purpose-designed dining bench. Whether you opt for one or two dining room bench seats, you can be sure the whole family will easily fit around the table and mealtimes can be comfortably enjoyed. At Fairway Furniture we have an extensive and regularly updated range of stylish dining bench seat options and there is sure to be one that suits your home and dining space.

Offering a high-quality collection of wooden, fabric-cushioned and metal bench seating ensures you can find a stylish option for your room. Comfortable dining bench with back options feel just like a regular chair and for smaller, more compact spaces, you could opt for a corner dining bench, allowing for additional seating without too many chairs cluttering up space.

The right dining bench can be perfectly paired with dining chairs and your chosen table, with our range offering plenty of options to suit spaces of different size and style. You could opt for a pair of dining benches or mix and match with chairs, stools and benches for your dining setup. You can also mix between materials teaming a wood dining bench with a metal-legged table or another unique and eye-catching combination.

Introducing a stylish bench to your kitchen or dining room not only provides more space but is an easy way of reinventing the room without replacing your whole dining set. With upholstered ranges you can opt for a colourway which suits your home and blends in perfectly with the rest of your décor. Whether you have a large family, regularly entertain or just enjoy the look of a bench for your dinner setting, our range is tailored to suit your needs.

Explore the full range of beautifully designed and easy-to-coordinate Fairway Furniture dining bench options below.

Pontivy 2M Bench Cushion OnlyPontivy 2M Bench Cushion Only