At Fairway Furniture, we have a huge range of sideboards to suit all styles of interior. These handy cabinets are the unsung heroes of living rooms, dining rooms and conservatories. They can store all types of items and provide a surface for displaying everything from flowers to photos.

From traditional and vintage to modern and streamlined, our range of sideboard cabinets are sure to inspire some interior design ideas.

Flux Large SideboardFlux Large Sideboard
Flux Small SideboardFlux Small Sideboard

Portofino Large Sideboard - 2 Doors - 3 Drawers
Portofino Large Sideboard - 2 Doors - 3 Drawers
Delivered part assembled for home assembly


SPRING Sale £829.00

Portofino Small Sideboard - 1 Door - 3 Drawers
Portofino Small Sideboard - 1 Door - 3 Drawers
Delivered part assembled for home assembly


SPRING Sale £679.00

Toledo SideboardToledo Sideboard
SPRING Sale £499.00

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What are sideboards used for?

Sideboards were traditionally used in dining rooms to store extra items like cutlery, placemats and table linen. While they are still handy storage solutions for dining rooms, in today’s homes living room sideboards are more common. Sideboard cabinets contain shelves, drawers and compartments behind doors. They are versatile enough to store anything from paperwork to CDs, while you can place decorative elements, such as photos on top of your sideboard.

Sideboard Styles

Just because sideboards are functional, it doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. We have a diverse selection of sideboard cabinet styles to suit all types of homes, from village cottages to city penthouses. Some of our sideboards are timeless Shaker style cabinets with recessed panel doors with square edges, while other doors are completely flat and minimalist. Most of our cabinets feature a combination of compartment doors and drawers, while others feature simple doors concealing shelves. We also stock glass-fronted dresser tops for sideboard cabinets.

Traditional-style sideboards

We have a large range of classic style sideboards in bare wood with beautifully finished round corners and antique handles for a rustic aesthetic. We also stock traditional living room sideboards in a range of painted finishes with oak tops. White gives a really fresh feel and opens a room up while darker painted sideboards add contrast and a touch of sophistication to any room. If you prefer country-style decor, some of our sideboards feature compartments with basket storage – perfect for keeping napkins and other small linen items.

Modern sideboards

Our sleek contemporary sideboards fit perfectly into smaller spaces and alcoves. The clean lines and glossy surfaces reflect the light and add impact to any room. Some feature polished wood, while others have chrome-effect finishes or combine different textures for a striking look. They are ideal for storing bottles and keeping glasses nearby when you’re entertaining guests. Our handleless sideboards with concealed doors not only look perfectly streamlined, but they are also the ultimate in minimalist decor and space-saving functionality.

Find your perfect sideboard cabinet with Fairway Furniture

Our selection of sideboards come in a range of sizes and styles to suit all types of decor. We are passionate about providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service. We use our own fleet of vehicles and dedicated trained staff to carry out all sideboard deliveries for the best service.