Bringing a pop of personality and character to any room, our range of accent chairs serve to add comfort and style to any room. Perfect for hallways, living rooms or perfectly positioned in a bay window, our stylish range of accent chairs include products to suit every home. Explore below to see the full range available at Fairway Furniture.

Orson Accent ChairOrson Accent Chair
Birthday Sale £246.00

Woolly Accent ChairWoolly Accent Chair
Birthday Sale £171.00

Accent Chairs

Wherever you position an accent chair, it brings additional style and comfort to your home. Whether simply to provide additional seating space or because your room doesn’t feel quite right, choosing the perfect accent chair is easy with the extensive range at Fairway Furniture.

Our collection ensures there is an option for every home, with a wide range of colours and styles available. Our small accent chairs are ideal for compact spaces while our accent chairs with arms could be perfect if you’re looking for more comfort in your home. Colours and styles obviously matter too, with our collection of patterned accent chairs ensuring you can find something unique to suit your needs. Modern colour trends can also be found with ease with popular grey accent chair designs sitting comfortably alongside gentler pink accent chair options, for a subtler look.

Different designs also suit different rooms so explore our accent chairs for living room spaces and bedroom accent chairs to ensure the right style for your space. The range also recognises people’s personal style, so contemporary accent chairs may be perfect for a modern home while high back accent chairs may create a more traditional and classic look.

Each of our chairs is designed with quality in mind and both our fabric accent chairs and plush velvet accent chair designs are made to last and bring that touch of style to any space in your home. At Fairway Furniture, we regularly update our collection to ensure there is an elegant and stylish option for your new occasional chair, ensuring there is an accent chair to suit any taste.