Adding a headboard to your bed can add a completely different dimension to your bedroom space. If you’ve found what feels like the perfect bed but want to enhance its look even further, a headboard can be a great way of adding that extra spark of personality. We have headboards available at Fairway Furniture for all sizes of bed in a wide range of different styles and finishes, so feel free to browse our selection and find the perfect option for you.

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The bed is more often than not the centre piece of the bedroom, so ensuring you have the style and finish you want can complete the look and feel of your room. A headboard can be the perfect way of achieving this, and with our range of Headboards at Fairway Furniture there is an extensive range of styles and sizes which can suit any bed.

Whether you are searching for form or function, we offer different designs which can compliment any bedroom. You can add a classical elegance with a Whitby Headboard that has diamond detailing and button accents, or a clean and modern look with a luxuriously padded London Headboard in a choice of understated, neutral tones, or an opulent finish with a Manhattan Headboard. With many of our options available in a variety of colours it is easy to match with whatever theme you have in your bedroom, and they can also provide excellent lumbar support if sitting up reading or enjoying breakfast in bed!

Feel free to explore our full range of Headboards at Fairway Furniture here. We’re certain that you’ll be able to find an option which can add a striking centrepiece to your bedroom and if you require any assistance then please feel free to contact our customer service team.