Furniture Measurement Guide

Measuring Guide - make sure your new furniture will fit

Choosing new furniture for your home is a process where some time spent at the start can avoid problems later.tape-measure

When placed in the chosen room, your furniture, be it a sofa in the living room, a dining table in the dining room or a bed in the bedroom, should look in proportion with the dimensions of the room and be comfortable to move around.

It is always a good idea to start by considering the largest item. For example, it is not a good idea to choose a large sofa and then there be no space for anything else.

Download our furniture measuring guide by clicking here

Step 1: Measuring the entrance to your property

In the excitement of buying their new furniture, some of our customers forget to check that their carefully chosen purchase will actually fit into their home.

We will do everything possible to complete the delivery but can accept no responsibility for goods that are too large to get into the house. To avoid any embarrassment and potential cost of such problem, check the measurements below to ensure a successful delivery.

Measure the heights (A) and the widths (B) of any hallways and door accesses, as well as the entry clearance (C).

Step 2: Measure your chosen furniture

Either measure your chosen furniture yourself, or ask a member of our trained staff to do it for you. Items displayed on this website include basic dimensions, but you may need to visit your local store to obtain additional measurements.


For sofas, first measure the width (i), followed by the diagonal depth (ii). The diagonal depth may be determined by first placing a straight edge from the highest point of the back frame (excluding cushions) to the front of the arm.

Then measure from the bottom rear corner of the sofa up to the point that bisects the straight edge.


For cabinets, measure the diagonal height at the widest point (i) and depth (ii).

If you are at all uncertain about your measurements, our staff will be pleased to help.

For a nominal charge, we can sometimes make a special arrangement for a ‘dry run’ where our delivery crew will call round to your house and assess the access for you. Where possible, they may bring the showroom display item you want to buy with them to see if it will fit.

If access through a door is too tight, it may be possible to get the furniture in via another route. Customers sometimes have windows taken out or patio doors removed, although for complex deliveries there can be an additional charge – further details can be obtained from any Fairway Furniture branch.