Nest of tables are a space-saving solution for living rooms. Easy to move, rearrange and gather back again for storage, these stackable tables will elevate your decor to new heights. Fairway Furniture stocks a nest of tables set to match every type of decor, spanning rustic to ultra-modern.

Nests of Tables

What is a nest of tables?

Nesting tables comprise two or three tables of varying heights that can be layered together as one or used separately. The beauty of nests of tables lies in their mobility, and you can easily transfer them to where you need them. So whether you just need one table to place the remote control and cup of coffee or a few tables to place snacks for your guests, these handy tables can be conveniently deployed around the room. Afterwards, they seamlessly slide back into place to save space and create a tidy look.

What are the benefits of a nest of tables?

Besides their convenience and versatility, nesting tables are highly decorative. They look equally good in a bedroom, living room, conservatory or dining room. You can place lamps, fruit bowls, flowers, books, magazines, ornaments, potpourri and so much more on these adaptable little tables.

A nest of tables is perfect for those times when you want to change your layout for a fresh look with minimal hassle. The varying heights create a stunning visual impact when placed next to each other or slightly layered. The lower tables are ideal for different uses, such as for children playing board games or drawing while sitting on the floor or on beanbags.

A large range of nesting tables

Our nests of tables encompass a range of styles including classic, modern and minimalist. They come in a selection of shapes, sizes and materials with glass, wood and paint finishes. You can filter your search by model, price and finish. For a natural, traditional look, try our Mia, Pontivy or Totnes nest of tables. Our Coelo and Saunton white nest of tables add a fresh look to any room.

Two nest of tables

We stock several two nest of table sets. The more minimalist style double nest of tables are discreet but attractive when they are moved into the open to take centre stage. Our round Pontivy nest of two tables has a solid, rustic feel with thick oak tops and warm finishes. The rectangular Heligan nest of two tables combines a casual, modern design with stool-like legs and a relaxed rustic finish. The chrome-effect Rosario and glass-topped Vega models are sleek options that complement contemporary interiors.

Discover the best nest of tables at Fairway Furniture

Fairway Furniture is proud to offer an extensive selection of nesting tables. Whether you want a traditional or modern nest of tables, our range features timeless designs with finishes including radiant oak, painted white nest of tables, chrome-effect and glass surfaces. We have over 160 years’ experience sourcing the highest quality products and providing exceptional customer service.