Working from home is a lot more common than it used to be, and even if you only spend a few days a month away from the regular office, it’s nice to have a well-designed home office space ready and waiting. At Fairway Furniture we stock a growing range of home office furniture, available to ensure you have everything you need to get to work.

Home Office

Creating the optimal home office requires a little thought and the right tools for the trade. Transforming your spare room into an office involves choosing the right furniture and bringing together a coordinated range, for comfort and focus. 

Your home office furniture set will usually begin with selecting the right desk. The desk you choose will depend on the size of the room but also your preferred style. You can find desks with a traditional, classic look as well as those with cleaner lines, simpler finish and a modern style. Once you’ve found the perfect desk it’s time to look for an office chair to match. With comfort and ergonomics in mind, office chairs come in many shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of comfort available. There are chairs which mimic a more traditional style as well as classic office-style seating which is highly functional and ensures comfort throughout the working day. 

While many of us are trying to go as paperless as possible, the average home office is still packed with a fair bit of paper. Storing and organising documents and files is necessary for a functioning office space, so bookcases, shelving and storage cabinets may also be on your shopping list when kitting out the home office space.

At Fairway Furniture we stock a great range of home office furniture, ensuring you can feel completely comfortable and ready to go when setting up for a day of working from home.