Why can’t I choose from your whole range when shopping online?

When shopping online from Fairway Furniture, you will find a smaller range of products than if you visited one of our stores. We offer a selection of our most popular ranges online, many of which we normally have in stock for quick delivery. Typically, these ranges are offered in one colour, with other colours and finishes (where available) being offered to purchase instore only. If you are looking for something specific and can’t find it on our website, please contact your nearest store (via the store locator) and they will do everything they can to help you find something suitable.

When things go wrong, what can I expect?

If you feel that we have not resolved your customer service issue to your satisfaction, you are able to take your case to the UK furniture industry’s ombudsman.

The Furniture Ombudsman is an independent organisation, membership of which is voluntary for retailers like Fairway Furniture. The scheme aims to enhance customer satisfaction and provide reassuring peace of mind for you as the consumer. They offer mediation and legal advice on any matters raised within the industry, and ensure that all concerns are concluded in the correct manner.

They also offer anyone help if they have a service issue and independent furniture inspection services. The Furniture Ombudsman is also recognised by Consumer Direct (what used to be known as Trading Standards).

By signing up as a member of The Furniture Ombudsman scheme, we commit to their Code of Conduct which sets out best practice principles to ensure high standards in the products we sell and the service we offer.

To find out more about The Furniture Ombudsman, visit: www.thefurnitureombudsman.org

Is it safe for me to shop at www.fairwayfurniture.co.uk?

At Fairway Furniture, we take people’s concerns about internet security very seriously. This site features secure payment facilities provided by our partner Protx, who are regarded as one of the leaders in internet payment security. During the order process, payment details will be captured using industry leading secure connections, ensuring your details are kept completely safe.

How do I order items from your online store?

When you browse our online store, you will see that items available to order online have an ‘Add to Basket’ icon. Once you have selected the products you would like to order, simply adjust the quantity required accordingly and click the ‘Add to Basket’ icon. You will then be taken to your ‘Shopping Basket’ which shows items you have selected to purchase.If you want to add further items to your basket, simply click the ‘Continue Shopping’ button to return to the online store.

When you are ready to finalise your order, return to your 'Shopping Basket' using the icon at the top of the screen, and follow our simple ordering process to complete your details.

Make sure that if you have any special instructions or important information, such as difficult access to your home, make sure you put them in the ‘Special Delivery Instructions’ box. You will also have to confirm that you have checked that there is sufficient access for delivering your chosen furniture.

If you are in any doubt, refer to the measuring guide section of the website before proceeding.

Once you have completed all the steps, and have checked all your details, click the ‘Send Order’ button to be transferred to our secure payment platform, where you will be asked to complete your payment details.

On completion of your payment, you will receive an onscreen confirmation of your order, as well as an email outlining your order. Please note that orders placed online need to be paid in full at the time of order.

Your order will then be processed by our website team, and you will receive through the post a formal order acknowledgment together with our full customer information folder which contains lots of useful information about your order, such as care instructions and answers to many popular questions.

How can I pay for my online order?

You can pay for your online order by card - we accept Debit Cards (Switch, Electron or Visa).

Alternatively, if you have a PayPal online account, you can use that to pay for your order - simply click the PayPal button at the foot of the shopping basket.

How long will my furniture take to arrive?

All of the products featured on our website that are available to purchase online feature a 'delivery estimate' next to them - this is a guide as to how long it is likely to take for us to deliver the goods to you. In many cases, we hold these items in stock at our central distribution centre, but in some cases items ordered may be out of stock due to high demand. If this is the case, then you will be notified via email. Our branch warehouses allocate deliveries to areas on one or more specific days per week. Deliveries are allocated on the basis of remaining spaces available, so it may not always possible to offer you a delivery on the next scheduled day that we are delivering in your area.

Can I check the progress of my order?

If at any time you want to check the progress of your order, you can use our online tracking facility available here: www.fairwayfurniture.co.uk/ordertracking

Alternatively, you can either email us (click here) or call 01752 408941 Monday to Saturday between 9am to 5pm and we will advise you on its progress.

Please have your order number (printed on the postal confirmation that you received) ready so that we can find your order as quickly as possible.

When do I have to pay my outstanding balance?

Any outstanding balance on your order must be paid before or at the time of delivery.

Under no circumstances can our delivery staff leave goods unless payment has been made in full.

How can I pay the balance on my order?

You can pay your balance at the time of delivery if you are paying by Debit Card, Switch, Electron, Mastercard or Visa – the delivery staff will process your payment.

Should you wish to pay by Cash or Cheque, for the security of our delivery staff, you will need to visit the store at least 7 days prior to delivery to pay any balance. Please make sure you bring along your order paperwork to make this as trouble free as possible.

What happens about paying the balance if I have an Interest Free Order?

If you have purchased goods on an interest free or interest bearing finance agreement, you will have been requested to pay the deposit and sign the relevant documentation at the time of ordering.

Once we have delivered the goods to your home, these forms will be processed automatically.

The direct debit mandate or standing order instruction in such agreements is likely to commence approximately 1 month after we have delivered your order. You will not normally receive confirmation from the finance company that payments will be starting.

How long will my order take to arrive?

At the time you placed your order, you will have been quoted an anticipated delivery timeframe – it is however only an estimate. This is based on information from our suppliers.

Most furniture is delivered to us on time, but occasionally a manufacturer does not keep to their delivery estimate. We monitor all orders and if we become aware that there is a delay to your order, your salesperson will contact you to let you know.

We do not accept orders for special order items where ‘time is the essence of the contract’. If however the delivery date estimate has passed, you have the right to cancel your order, but you must give us a reasonable period (which we deem to be 14 days) in which to complete the delivery before you can cancel the order.

How do you arrange my delivery?

If your order contained only products already held in stock, you should have had delivery arranged at the time you completed your purchase. If however your order included items which had to be ordered, one of our distribution centres will contact you when all your goods are available, so that we can arrange a delivery day. If we are unable to contact you using the telephone numbers given at the time you placed your order, we will normally send an email or postcard asking you to contact us as soon as possible.

Our distribution centres allocate deliveries across our delivery area based on the most efficient routing and current demand. Deliveries are allocated normally up to 4 weeks in advance, on the basis of remaining space available. We will always aim to offer you delivery as soon as possible once your goods arrive, but sometimes at peak periods, we cannot always offer delivery immediately.

What if I am not ready to take delivery?

At the time of making your purchase, your sales consultant will have quoted you an anticipated delivery timeframe and asked you to sign to confirm if you would take early delivery should your order become available sooner than anticipated. If you agreed to take early delivery, we will store your order without charge for 14 days from first notification of it being available for delivery. If you did not agree to take delivery earlier than the anticipated date, we will store your order without charge for 14 days from the anticipated delivery date quoted when the order was placed.

This period can be increased to 28 days if we receive full settlement of any outstanding balance. Beyond 28 days, we reserve the right to charge for storage and will notify you of the current weekly charge prior to the commencement of the chargeable period. You will be required to pay any outstanding storage charges prior to us arranging delivery of your order.

What time will you deliver my furniture?

Our delivery fleet uses routing software to manage deliveries, based on capacity and efficiency, while also taking into account known traffic black spots. When we contact you to arrange delivery, we will normally offer you a number of options for delivery. Once we reach full capacity for each day, we sort deliveries to provide 90 minute time windows, with this information available for you on our website at www.fairwayfurniture.co.uk/wheresmyorder from 6pm on the day prior to your agreed delivery date. Alternatively, you can contact the store from where you made your purchase and they will be able to advise your delivery appointment window.

This same online page allows you to track your order on the day of delivery too in ‘real time’, meaning that you don’t have to be at the delivery address all day waiting for the delivery team to arrive. This takes account of road traffic accidents, emergency road works or other deliveries completed on our way to you that take longer than planned.

What do I need to do before delivery?

It is your responsibility to ensure that the access to the room where you wish your order delivered is adequate for the goods you have ordered. We suggest that you use the measuring guide to check the access and let us know as soon as possible if you think that there may be a problem. We do offer a Special Delivery Service for properties with particular access problems – see below.

Our delivery staff cannot be held responsible for minor damage caused while effecting your delivery, where all reasonable care is taken, so please make sure that items of value such as ornaments and pictures are moved before we arrive with your furniture.

It is your responsibility to protect existing floorcoverings and furnishings during the delivery. This is important, as any protective packaging on your furniture may have become soiled by particulates, especially during transit.

For further details on access and checking that your furniture will fit, please see the enclosed sheets.

Do you offer a special delivery service?

Both our ‘Standard Delivery’ and our ‘Delivery & Set-up Services’ include delivery of your furniture to any freely accessible room of your choice in Devon & Cornwall, without the need for the delivery team
to remove windows or doors. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a specialist delivery service for more complex to access properties although we can offer advice on third party providers who are able to provide such services.

What can I expect when you deliver my furniture?

Depending on whether you ordered in one of our stores or through our online shop, at the time of purchase you will have selected our Standard Delivery Service or our Delivery & Set-up Service. Both these services deliver to any accessible room of your choice in Devon & Cornwall, without the need for our staff to remove windows or doors.

At the time of purchase you will have selected either our ‘Standard Delivery’ service or our ‘Delivery & Set-up’ service. Both of these services include delivery to any freely accessible room of your choice in Devon & Cornwall, without the need for our delivery team to remove windows or doors. When our delivery team arrive, they will ask to be
shown where you want your order placed. They will make an assessment of the route and advise of any anticipated difficulty and will attempt a delivery. Please note that delivery beyond the point of entry to your property is at your own risk, so when at any time during the delivery it appears likely that damage will be caused to either the product or your home, the delivery team will stop and discuss the situation with you.

Should you then wish them to make further efforts, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer form - this explains that we will not accept any claim for minor damage to your product or decor. Please make every effort to remove any items that impede access to your chosen room, in particular valuable items such as ornaments, items hung on walls in the immediate area and wall, floor or ceiling lights.

If you are unable to be present during the delivery, please make sure that anyone acting on your behalf knows where you wish to have your order placed, is aware of any potential access problems and has your full authority to sign the disclaimer form as outlined above. For orders where the ‘Delivery & Set-up’ service was purchased, our delivery teams will unwrap, assemble and leave ready for use all applicable items, including removing all the product packaging from your property. For all other orders, your order will be left in any manufacturers’ packaging for you to unwrap and make ready for use - disposal of the packaging will be your responsibility.

Is it possible for me to change an order placed online?

Once you have placed your order, should you require any alterations to be made, you should contact us as soon as possible via email (click here) or by telephone to 01752 408941.

Please note however that once the goods you have ordered are in production with the manufacturer, cancellation and alteration charges may apply – full details are available in this FAQ section and your customer information folder.

Any merchandise ordered at different times cannot be guaranteed to be an accurate colour match due to variations between batches. In most cases, making changes to an order will affect the delivery lead time quoted at the time the order was placed and will often result in changes to the order value.

What if I miss my delivery?

When you make arrangements for us to deliver your order, you are agreeing to be available at the delivery address to receive the goods throughout the time window provided on the evening prior to delivery. Should we be unable to complete the delivery because there is no one available at the delivery address to receive the order at the agreed time, you will incur a redelivery charge.

This redelivery charge is £30 and is in addition to any previously paid delivery charges. Payment of this charge will need to be in advance of the rearranged delivery and we reserve the right to increase this charge for delivery of orders to outlying areas. You will be advised of the applicable redelivery charge when arranging the new delivery date.

Self-assembly (flat pack) products?

Where an item is sold as ‘flat pack’ for home self assembly, this will have been noted on your printed order. At the time of assembly of such a product, it is your responsibility (or that of the third party assembling the item for you), prior to commencing assembly, to thoroughly check that all component parts have been supplied and that none are damaged.
Should components be missing or damaged, you should notify the store from where you made your purchase. They will then arrange supply of replacement components or parts and advise you of the approximate time scale. For all items supplied as ‘flat pack’ for home self assembly, missing or replacement component parts will be delivered to you on a ‘supply-only’ basis, for you (or your third party) to use during assembly.

It is your responsibility to assemble the item correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s supplied instructions. We reserve the right to charge for replacement parts where the original parts have been damaged through incorrect assembly.

Should I check my order before the delivery team leave?

When our delivery team have completed the delivery, they will ask you (or your representative) to sign to confirm that the goods that have been received are correct and have been received in good condition. Please therefore take time to inspect all items when they are delivered. If you notice any issues with the items being delivered, make this known to the delivery team and ensure that your comments are recorded by them.

Where goods are collected, this will be from the store from which you made your original purchase. All goods being collected must be signed for by you (or your representative) and failure to unwrap, check and report any issues at the point of collection will be at your own risk.

What will you take away?

Our disposal service is provided at a modest cost - please see in store point of sale or ask your sales consultant for the current charge. It covers the costs of our delivery teams transporting and disposing of your old furniture items to suitable waste transfer sites. The service is offered on a like-for-like basis. This means that, for example, if we are delivering a new sofa, we will take away an old sofa.

Our delivery teams are authorised to decline to complete the disposal service where, on arrival, items are heavily soiled or wet and are therefore likely to contaminate other products on the delivery vehicle or cause injury to staff. In such cases, 50%
of disposal charges already paid will be refunded.

How should I look after my furniture?

The Customer Services page of this website gives a comprehensive set of care instructions, explaining how each different type of product needs to be looked after to keep it in the best possible condition. If you are unsure which sections of the care instructions are relevant to your furniture, please contact your salesperson who will guide you through them.

It is a condition of our guarantee that the care instructions issued at the time of placing your order are followed. Failure to do so may invalidate your guarantee.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Occasionally, circumstances change which mean that you may no longer be able to proceed with your order and we always try and be as understanding as possible.

If you placed your order in store:

  • For stock items - normally for items purchased from our stock ranges we can accept a cancellation without any charge to you.
  • For ‘made to order’ products that are already in production however, it is unlikely that we will be able to accept a without charge cancellation. In these cases, we normally make a charge of the deposit paid on the order, but in some cases the charge may be up to 50% of the order value. This charge is to cover our administrative, re-stocking and re-sale costs associated with individually specified items.

If you placed your order online through our website or over the telephone:

  • For both stock and ‘made to order’ items – these can be cancelled at any time up to 14 days after the items have been delivered. However, please note that the cost of returning cancelled online orders is the responsibility of you as the customer. If you would like us to collect the items on your behalf, you will be required to pay our current return charge of £40 per order, which will be deducted from your refund.

Please note: Under no circumstance can we accept returns of partially assembled flat-pack furniture, mattresses, mattress protectors, divan beds or pillows unless they are un-opened, unused and still in their original packaging.

Where we have agreed to collect items from you as part of an order cancellation, you will be expected to;

  • Ensure that all furniture is returned in the condition in which it was received. We will not issue a refund in full if there are any signs of damageto the items or if they have been misused.
  • All items should be packaged in the original manufacturer packaging, such as bags for upholstery items or boxes for cabinet items.
  • Allow us 14 days to schedule collection.
  • You will receive your refund, less any applicable return charges, at such time as the goods are collected back to one of our distribution centres and have been inspected to confirm their condition. Any refunds issued can take 7 working days to arrive – either to your debit/credit card or as a cheque to your order address.
What if my furniture will not fit into my home?

It is strongly recommended that you use our ‘Measuring Guide’ leaflet to help check that the items on your order fit into your home as soon as possible after making your purchase. We cannot accept responsibility should you order items that will not go into your home when we arrive to deliver. It may be possible for our delivery staff to call and carry out a ‘test delivery’ with the display item. Charges for this service are available on request and are dependent on location and the products concerned. Where access is not an issue, the charge is simply refunded and your order proceeds as normal.

If access proves impossible however, the charge made for this service is automatically deducted from any subsequent refund of your deposit, at the time of agreeing a cancellation. Remember however that for items that are ‘made to order’, we cannot accept a cancellation once your order is in production with the manufacturer.

In cases where a ‘test delivery’ is not requested, and then on delivery it proves impossible to deliver your products in to your home, we may be able to take your item(s) back into stock, but this would always be subject to a restocking fee. This fee is dependent on the saleability of the items and whether you are prepared to reselect alternative products.
Restocking Fees:

ltem(s) ‘made to order’ for you:

  • Typically 60% of item(s) value on reselection to item(s) of similar or greater value
  • Typically 75% of item(s) value where no reselection is made

Stock items:

  • Typically 50% (dependent on items) to cover handling, administration and transport costs
What if I do not like my furniture when it has been delivered?

If you find yourself in this position, you must tell us immediately - we will be as understanding and sympathetic as possible. Where the items are unused, we can sometimes agree to restock them subject to a restocking fee of up to 75% of the purchase price, depending on the saleability of the item(s).

Unfortunately, we cannot under any circumstances consider restocking any beds, flat-pack furniture or any items which have already been used.

What if the wrong item has been ordered?

At the completion of the ordering process, your sales consultant will have gone through your order in detail with you and you will have signed a copy of your order to confirm that the goods listed are what you wish us to order on your behalf.

It is your responsibility to check this printed order documentation to ensure that your colour or finish choices are recorded correctly. In particular, where items are being ordered that were not on display in the showroom - perhaps from a catalogue or brochure for example - you should check that the correct specification is stated on your order. You should also be aware that items being ordered from a catalogue or brochure may exhibit differences in appearance, comfort and size from comparable items being displayed and that we cannot be held liable for these variations.

If after placing your order, you believe a mistake may have been made, you should contact the store from which you ordered and speak to the sales consultant shown on your printed order, at the earliest opportunity. Goods delivered that conform to the printed order details, which you will have signed when completing your purchase, will be deemed correct.

When things go wrong, what can I expect?

Whether you have purchased furniture from your nearest Fairway Furniture store, or have ordered your furniture online, we want to make sure that you receive the highest levels of customer service. From time to time, problems occur and we always do our best to resolve these issues as quickly as possible

We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure that products arrive in perfect condition, so that we can deliver them to you to provide years of satisfaction and enjoyment. In the event however that there is an issue you can be assured that we will do all we can to help resolve it as quickly as possible.

Issues prior to delivery:

  • Where we identify a problem with an item prior to delivery, you will be contacted and made aware of the issue and what we are doing to rectify the situation.

Issues found during delivery:

  • If when delivering your products, an issue is identified, the delivery team will log the details and open a service case for you with the store from which you made your purchase. As part of this process, they may take photographs to assist with logging the issue and in some cases, remove the product at this stage while a replacement is ordered.
  • If removal is not required immediately, you will be able to continue to use the products while arrangements are made for a technician to visit. If they cannot resolve the matter on the first visit and spare parts are required, we will do all we can to source them as quickly as possible.

Issues found after delivery:

  • If you discover something wrong with your furniture at any time after the delivery team have left, please contact the store from where you made your purchase to report it as soon as possible. The store will then determine the most suitable course of action
  • We will always endeavour to resolve issues with customer orders as quickly as possible, but in many cases we will need to involve the supplier to assist us. This can sometimes result in delays beyond our control, but we will always keep you informed of progress.