Our pocket sprung mattresses are made with a high-quality memory foam to give you the comfort and support you need to wake up feeling refreshed. At Fairway Furniture, we have a variety of sizes and firmness levels to choose from to best suit your needs. The mattresses are designed with individually moving springs which respond to your movement and provide support. No more waking up with a sore back!

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Gel Premium 4'0 MattressGel Premium 4'0 Mattress
Mix & Match £1,259.00

Gel Premium 4'6 MattressGel Premium 4'6 Mattress
Mix & Match £1,259.00
Gel Premium 5'0 MattressGel Premium 5'0 Mattress
5'0 at 4'6 price
Mix & Match £1,259.00

Gel Premium 6'0 MattressGel Premium 6'0 Mattress
6'0 at 5'0 price
Mix & Match £1,259.00

Jessica 3'0 MattressJessica 3'0 Mattress
Mix & Match £859.00
Jessica 4'0 MattressJessica 4'0 Mattress
Mix & Match £1,129.00

Jessica 4'6 MattressJessica 4'6 Mattress
Mix & Match £1,129.00
Jessica 5'0 MattressJessica 5'0 Mattress
5'0 at 4'6 price
Mix & Match £1,129.00

Jessica 6'0 MattressJessica 6'0 Mattress
6'0 at 5'0 price
Mix & Match £1,329.00

Pocket Sprung & Memory Foam

What is a pocket sprung memory foam mattress?

A pocket sprung memory foam mattress is a type of a hybrid mattress with a combination of individual springs and a layer of softer foam for extra support and comfort. The springs in the mattress are usually placed in the fabric and can be either open coil or closed coil. This helps to create an even distribution of weight while you sleep, reducing pressure points and improving your sleep quality.

Benefits of a pocket sprung memory foam mattress

Relive pressure and discomfort

A pocket sprung mattress is much more comfortable than a traditional spring mattress as it provides more support and comfort. The springs are sewn into pockets and make up the entire surface of the mattress.

This type of a mattress moulds the contours of your body, alleviating pressure and discomfort. The memory foam provides extra softness for a perfect night’s sleep.

Climate control features

Pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses are breathable and offer climate control features. For example, our Eclipse Pocket sprung range which is a versatile two-sided mattress to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter months, still offering support and comfort. Alternatively, our Laverton Memory pocket sprung mattresses are designed to protect you against allergens whilst still keeping you cool.


All our pocket sprung memory foam mattresses are manufactured with high quality pocket springs, making them durable and long lasting.

Easy care

At Fairway Furniture, the last thing we want you to think about when you get up feeling refreshed, is how to care for your mattress. Our pocket sprung memory foam mattresses are easy care no turn mattresses, although they would benefit from rotation occasionally to ensure that fillings settle evenly.

Pocket sprung memory foam mattress spring count

Our pocket sprung memory foam mattresses vary in spring count from 1000 – 1500 springs. It is important to note that bigger the number of the springs, the firmer the mattress will be. 1000 pocket spring offers sufficient body support, and the memory foam ensures the mattress is on the softer side. Whereas a mattress with 1500 pocket spring count is a highly supportive mattress and provides firm support compared to a 1000 spring count mattress.

The best pocket sprung memory foam mattresses in South West England

At Fairway Furniture, we pride ourselves in stocking high quality pocket sprung memory foam mattresses. Visit our stores in Plymouth, Tavistock, St Austell and Newton Abbot and select the best pocket sprung memory foam mattress to suit your needs. You can also find out more about the different varieties of mattresses we stock by speaking to our sales assistants. Alternatively, if you have found the perfect pocket sprung memory foam mattress, we delivery within Devon and Cornwall and throughout UK.