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Customer Information Centre

Traditional Fabric Sofa

Welcome to our Customer Information Centre. Use the links below to find everything from information to help you measure for and choose the right furniture to guidance on delivery, product protection and caring for your furniture.

  • Fairway Buying Guides Use our Buying Guides to get advice from our experts on how to make the right choice when choosing your new furniture.
  • Care Guides Look after your furniture and ensure years of enjoyment by following our simple care guides.
  • Measuring Guides Prevent problems in the future by checking your furniture will fit into your house using our simple, printable measuring guide.
  • Delivery Service Delivering your furniture is something we take pride in. Find out more about our different delivery and associated services.
  • Guardsman Propduct Protection Find out more about how you can protect your products using our special Guardsman protection policies.
  • Guardsman Propduct Protection If you’ve got a question, the chances are that we’ve answered it here!

Buying Guides