What we're doing to ensure you can continue to 'Shop Safely'

To ensure the safety of all our customers and dedicated store teams, we adhere to the UK Government's published guidelines on meeting the 'Covid Secure' standards.  We have also taken advice from all relevant authorities, such as Trading Standards and the British Retail Consortium, and fully trained all our staff on how to maintain a safe working and shopping environment.

This means that the in-store shopping experience will be a little different to what you may be used to, but we hope that you will still find our stores welcoming when you visit.

Avoid shopping if you have ANY symptoms

Anyone who is displaying any of the published Covid-19 identifying symptoms should not leave home to go shopping - if you have any suspicion that you may have Covid-19, please avoid visiting our stores until you feel better and have tested negative.  We are also testing our staff that they do not have Covid-19.

Social distancing in our stores

We've all become accustomed to maintaining a safe distance between ourselves and others when shopping and while we no longer have a legal requirement to implement 2m social distancing in stores, we recommend that customers maintain a sensible distance while shopping. We enforce restricting numbers in store so that each shopper has a minimum of 20 sq.m and each couple or family group 50 sq.m - that's twice the required space.  At busy times, we may have to restrict access, so please be patient in these instances.

Sanitising stations

When entering our stores and while walking around them, there are hand sanitiser stations for customers and staff to use.  We also have enhanced cleaning procedures, meaning popular touch points will be cleaned regularly.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for staff

Face coverings will, from Monday 19 July, not be mandatory for customers in all shops.  We want our staff to feel safe at work however, so they will continue to wear face coverings. We would request that customers consider continuing to wear face coverings while in our stores, for the protection of themselves and our staff.  With plenty of space for customers to spread out in our stores, and our sales consultants trained to keep their distance, our stores are among the safest indoor spaces. 

Sanitising treatment of display products

Choosing your new furniture, bed or flooring is usually a process that involves feeling the fabric or flooring, or perhaps lying on the bed.  We don't want you not to be able to do that, so we have treated all our display products with the Staingard Santiser+ treatment system, which provides up to 90 day protection from viruses on surfaces.  All display products - including all mattresses and pillows - are being retreated every 60 days, for added peace of mind.

No handshakes or physical contact

Shaking hands to seal a purchase has long been part of British culture and we're sure that many of you will have found breaking that habit very difficult.  However, we must continue to avoid personal contact with anyone other than those from within our own household, so we politely ask that you don't try to shake hands - a friendly wave when in store or making a purchase will be welcome though!  Please also don't be offended if they ask you to maintain a safe distance - they're there to help you stay safe.

Pay by card

When paying a deposit or a balance in store, we would ask that you pay by card or contactless payment method wherever possible, to avoid the need for our staff to handle cash.

Contactless delivery

Our skilled delivery teams are using contactless delivery processes and PPE, meaning that from arrival to the end of the delivery you can feel as safe as possible.  You will also not have to sign anything on receipt of your order - the delivery team will simply photograph the items in your home as our proof of delivery.