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Where's my delivery?

Track your delivery in real-time

Once we have all the items on your order ready, we will contact you to arrange delivery.   We route our delivery vehicles in the most efficient manner to maximise capacity and ensure that we offer as many customers as possible the most flexible delivery options.

From 6pm on the day before your scheduled delivery, you can use the tracking system below to find out your 90 minute delivery time window. 

On the day of delivery, you can use the same tracking system to see in real-time how our delivery team are progressing with the other deliveries prior to them reaching you, so you can see an update on when they expect to arrive at your delivery address.

To track your delivery, all you need is your Fairway Furniture 'order no.', which can be located as follows:

Orders placed in store:
Your 9 digit Fairway 'order no.' can be found on the top right of your order (see  highlighted example on the right)

Orders placed online: 
Your 9 digit Fairway 'order no.' can be found on the copy of your order sent to you with your Customer Information Pack, or in the email we sent you confirming acceptance of your order with the subject 'Fairway Furniture - Your online order has now been processed'

Simply enter your Fairway Furniture 'Order no.' into the 'Track Your Appointment' box below and click the 'Find' button.

Please note: 
If for some reason the tracking widget fails to give you the information you expect or does not recognise your order number, you should contact the store from where you made your purchase and they will be able to help.

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