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Find out why Tempur® owners love sleeping on Tempur® products by clicking on this link:

Welcome to TEMPUR®

Around the world TEMPUR® owners are enjoying their best night's sleep thanks to its unique pressure relieving properties.
By conforming to the shape of your body, TEMPUR® delivers a perfect balance of total comfort and superior support. Why not give yourself
the best sleep possible? Visit one of our stores to try it out for yourself.
**Please be aware not all ranges are displayed in all stores. Please make a phone call prior making a special trip.

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TEMPUR material is not the same as generic memory foam. TEMPUR material is only made at TEMPUR production facilities where we research, design and manufacture it to our own proprietary formula. You will therefore only enjoy the true benefits of TEMPUR in TEMPUR products.
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There are many memory foam products on the market, but only one TEMPUR. TEMPUR products conform to the shape of the user, offering superior comfort and support. The unique benefits of TEMPUR products stem from the equally unique composition of TEMPUR material. All TEMPUR products are tested to ensure that they measure up to the highest standards. These standards are backed by comprehensive guarantees. It was innovation that first brought the superior benefits of TEMPUR to the market and it is innovation that continues to bring a better and broader range of products to our customers. TEMPUR products are recognised and purchased by hospitals, nursing homes and sleep centres worldwide for the pressure relieving comfort and superior support they provide. Not only is TEMPUR the no. 1 mattress and pillow brand in the world, but TEMPUR owners are also the most satisfied owners. In a recent survey TEMPUR earned a number 1 ranking for 'overall customer satisfaction' and 'overall quality of sleep' in each of 12 countries surveyed.* *The findings are based on interviews with over 5,000 recent mattress purchasers in European countries (Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland and the UK). Customer satisfaction was also ranked.
Before scientists developed the unique TEMPUR material, nothing like it existed on the bedding market. The pressure absorbing material was originally created by NASA to cushion and support astronauts during lift off and it was this material that TEMPUR scientists later perfected for use in sleep products. TEMPUR has been recognised by NASA for its application of space technology to improve life quality, and is the only mattress and pillow company licensed by the US Space Foundation to use the Certified Technology Seal.
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