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Order No:100556954
Order Date:10th August 2014
You can use this online order tracking facility to track any order placed with Fairway Furniture, whether it was placed in store or online.

Orders placed in store

Your 9 digit 'Fairway order number' can be found on the top right of your order
(see example highlighted on the right)

Orders placed online

Your 9 digit 'Fairway order number' can be found on the copy of your order sent to you with your Customer Information Pack, or in the email we sent you confirming acceptance of your order with the subject 'Fairway Furniture - Your online order has now been processed'.
Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for details of new orders to appear within this tracking facility.
Please note that we DO NOT display any Bank or Personal Address information via this order tracking facility, so you can feel comfortable that your information can not be misused.
Our 'Privacy Policy' can be found here.
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